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Fresh Cut Flowers from Farms Across the Globe

American Floral Wholesale of Pensacola can have over 200 different varieties of fresh cut flowers.  We specialize in both year-round and seasonal products from domestic sources in California, Oregon, and Washington, and abroad from:

• Thailand
• Philippines
• Holland
• Amsterdam
• Italy
• Africa
• Israel
• Columbia
• Ecuador
• Guatemala

World Farmers

Because of our longevity, we’ve been able to establish a rapport with farmers throughout the world, and have access to not only some of the most popular colors, but the hardest to find. Wedding planners, event planners, and high-end resorts regularly seek out our assistance because of our incredible connections.

Beautiful Roses

If you want roses, you’ve come to the right place. Whether they’re garden roses, spray roses, or one of the many hybrid rose varieties grown in Columbia or Ecuador, we have farms that grow them. Some of our rose varieties include:

• Sweet Akito • Sweet Unique • Idle • Proud • Titanic

Fresh Cut Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas generally come in white, pink, and blue in premium or antique varieties. They can be purchased in bulk, by the box, or individually. We offer discounts on volume purchases.

Beautiful Roses

Fresh Cut Flowers

Amazing Peonies

Currently a seasonal flower, but becoming available throughout more of the year, peonies are popular for weddings, receptions, and other important occasions. Their size, color, and fragrance make them perfect for milestone events. Peonies can be purchased in bulk, or individually in bunches depending on variety and minimum purchase quantities.

Additional Fresh Cut Flowers

We can locate virtually any flower you may want that is commercially grown. Specialty flowers we offer include, but are not limited to:

• Gladiolas
• Stars of Bethlehem
• Larkspur
• Stock
• Queen Anne’s Lace
• Birds of Paradise
• Heliconia
• Ginger
• Oriental Lily’s
• Freesia